"Tammi Clayton, who makes Latisha, the teenager who may or may not be a figment of Yvonne's imagination, into the irresistibly seductive archetype of the brilliant ghetto child.

                                       --Bruce Weber NEW YORK TIMES

"Tammi Clayton, as the story's unreliable source, moves from defiant to impish with an easy confidence paralleling the author's."

                                       --Michael Feingold VILLAGE VOICE

"The performances are uniformly superb… Tammi Clayton brings a smoldering authenticity to the role of the purported gangsta girl."

                                       --Charles Isherwood VARIETY

"Latisha, played with a pitch-perfect mix of precociousness and sociopathology…"

                                       --Linda Winer NEWSDAY

"Though only on stage a few times, Tammi Clayton stands out as Latisha, the girl who puts Yvonne's smarts to the severest test."

                                       --Elyse Sommer CURTAIN UP

"Tammi Clayton gives the breath of life to the is-she-or-isn't-she-real Latisha."

                                       --Michael Sommers THE STAR-LEDGER

"Tammi Clayton portrays Latisha, an extraordinarily bright teenager… Hers is the most complete performance."

                                       --Alvin Klein NEW YORK TIMES

"Driving the evening forward are the performances of … and Tammi Clayton as the dissembling would-be gangsta member, Latisha. As two sides of the same coin, their scenes together burn with intensity."

                                       --David A Rosenberg THE HOUR

"…a brilliant and comely girl named Latisha, piquantly acted by Tammi Clayton, whose baby-doll visage is framed by a black halo of an Afro."

                                       --Malcolm Johnson THE HARTFORD COURANT

"Tammi Clayton is wonderfully subtle in the critical role of Latisha."

                                       --E. Kyle Minor NEW HAVEN REGISTER

"…Tammi Clayton as speechwriter Janice Churchill turn in powerful, compelling and earnest performances. …you can't help but to be in awe of their abilities."

                                       --ASBURY PARK PRESS

"Tammi Clayton portrays Janice with the ice and ire of one who's endured the brunt of white men victimizing her."

                                       --THE STAR-LEDGER